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Varus: three supermarkets of the chain are opened in partnership with Aisberg


At the end of this year, national chain Varus has already opened three supermarkets in Kyiv with the aim of providing residents of the capital’s large sleeping areas with food products. The interior and concept of new markets were developed by the Dutch studio JDV. A full set of refrigeration cabinets was supplied by Aisberg Ltd.
For each trade area, Aisberg separately developed a line of equipment from serial and customized displays modifications. Cabinets are designed according to the concept of the store.
Islands of refrigerating gastronomic displays in the Cube design are arranged with the help of «self» corner refrigerating modules and with a hydrolift of the front glass. Cabinets are used to sell a wide range of cheeses, sausages and gourmet products.

Cube refrigerated cabinets are also installed for the sale of fresh meat. Fresh poultry in packaged and weighed form is offered to customers in a combined specialized Medusa Combi display with a retractable case and doors.

The fish sales department is equipped with counters with two temperature modes – for selling fresh fish on ice and smoked and salted fish, which are combined in one line. Front decoration of display are stainless steel and ceramic tiles.

Butterfly semi-vertical refrigerated displays are made in an energy-saving version with a double air curtain and a compact Slim base for efficient use of the trading space.
For the sale of packaged pickles, greens, elite varieties of vegetables and fruits was installed Medusa Gourmet refrigerated display with a high stand and a built-in cooling system.

Medusa Cube vertical refrigerated displays are equipped with energy-saving doors in two versions. Thin «single glass» doors without racks and frames are installed on the beverage sales line for a maximum visibility of products in displays. For the sale of dairy products Medusa Cube displays have double-glazed hinged doors.

Low-temperature cabinets are refrigerated displays of two types manufactured by Aisberg. For the sale of preserves and fish roe, minimum temperature Display cases with a temperature range of -4/-8 °C have been installed. For the sale of frozen vegetables, semi-finished products and ice cream were installed combined Nautilus cabinets in Cube design with a temperature regime of -18/-22 °C, which have two autonomous refrigerated volumes.

The concept of new Varus supermarkets involves a combination of a food hall and a supermarket. A wide range of culinary dishes is presented in the line of Cube counters with cold and hot modules. For the best exposure, the design of cabinets involves cascading and inclined exposure surfaces made of stainless steel.
To prepare Korean cuisine to order right on the sales area, Aisberg manufactured a specialized refrigerated display with a large internal refrigeration volume and a refrigerated panel of ingredient containers.