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Varus: new style and special technical developments from Aisberg


Supermarket Varus on Vyshgorodskaya street in Kiev was decorated in a new style by the project of a leading Dutch architectural company. Aisberg acted as a manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration and heating furniture for a new retail chain concept. In addition to serial equipment, the project provides for a number of special developments for the sale of fresh meat and hot cooking.

The culinary department called Varus Cafe offers a wide range of hot and cold ready meals. New technical solutions were applied for their effective sale. The main assortment of Varus Cafe is displayed in refrigerated displays Cube SO with a cascade surface and panoramic front glass. Aisberg’s engineers have completed the line of refrigerators with a 1350mm high thermal display case with two exposure levels. Temperature range + 30 / + 60 ° С. Thermal and refrigeration display cabinets form a single line with ceramic tiles.

Varus Cafe menu is complemented by delicious pizza prepared by a professional pizza maker directly in the trading area. For this Varus culinary department is equipped with a specialized refrigerated display Cube Pizza with designer ceramic mosaic trim. A refrigerated ingredient panel is placed on the countertop of the display so that customers can conveniently select and order ingredients and toppings to their taste.

Butterfly Cube refrigerated display is equipped with a double air curtain, which saves energy. A display is installed in the culinary department for the sale of ready-made meals in self-service mode.

A line of stainless steel refrigerated cabinets harmoniously blends into the laconic interior of the fish department in gray colors. Finishing material food grade stainless steel is not only a sanitary requirement, but also high quality and durability of equipment. In addition, the use of high quality steel as a finishing material enhances the overall level of interior design. The line combines two modules with different functional characteristics: a Fish display cabinet for selling fish on ice with a temperature range 0/+1 °С and a low-temperature display cabinet Cube BT.

The group of low-temperature displays in the updated Varus is represented by two modifications. Vertical displays with stainless steel finishing and temperature conditions -8/-4 °С are used in the fish department for the sale of preserves. Nautilus Combi displays with two autonomous refrigerated volumes and a temperature range of -23/-18 °C are installed for the sale of all categories of frozen-food..

The gastronomic islands are organized on the base of Cube line cabinets with wood-like finishing. Refrigerated displays for meat with «total black» finishing have panoramic front glass for the most convenient viewing of the exposition. The 1250mm long refrigerated module, due to the design of the front glass, can be easily transformed into a self-service display and vice versa – a closed display for weight products.

A new technical solution was developed by Aisberg’s engineers for the sale of poultry by weight. On the base of the Medusa Combi design a refrigerated display was made with a temperature range +2/+6 °C and a pull-out tray for convenient loading of goods by the store staff.

Medusa Cube vertical display in energy-saving configuration – with ultra-thin glass doors without pillars – provide energy savings and maximum visibility of goods on shelves.