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VARUS: supermarket and food-hall in a single shopping area


5 Varus supermarkets in a new concept opened in partnership with Aisberg. The retail chain is realizing more and more benefits for its customers by updating the design of its stores. The concept was developed by the JDV studio (Netherlands) and provides for the unification of a food-hall and a supermarket. For each shopping area Aisberg has developed a line of equipment from serial and customized display cases.

Varus Cafe is a zone of selling fresh dishes and products – pizza, wok dishes, salads, hot and cold cooking. The concept provides for a cozy seating area and the possibility of buying food to go. This is the most equipment-rich area of the supermarket. The line of refrigerated counters in the Cube design is supplemented with hot display cases (+30/+60 °С) in two modifications:

  • heat table with inclined exposure surface;
  • vertical display with hot shelves.

For the preparation of pizza in Varus Cafe area there is a Cube Pizza refrigerated display with a wide marble surface for rolling out dough and refrigerated containers for ingredients.
Energy efficient refrigerated displays Butterfly with double air curtain are installed for the sale of packaged food and drinks to take away.

The fresh meat selling line is equipped with Cube Transformer refrigerated displays. The construction is specially designed for the Varus retail chain. The front glass moves to transform the display into the sales format / self-service.
The Prisma Combi vertical display cabinet is equipped with ventilated shelves and a refrigerated surface for selling packaged meat in a self-service mode.
Temperature range of the meat line is +2/+4 °С. For the convenience of the sellers, the display has internal refrigerated chambers and a gas lift system of the front glasses.

Especially for the poultry meat, has been developed a vertical display cabinet Medusa Combi with a pull-out refrigerated case for convenient loading of goods and service of the exposition. The energy efficiency of the display is maintained with transparent doors and covers. Temperature range -1/+4 °С.

The equipment for the selling fish and fish products in Varus supermarket has a full stainless steel finish, including front cladding panels. This is a Cube Fish display for selling fish on ice, a Cube medium-temperature counter with a gas lift system for smoked and salted fish, a Display freezer with temperature control -8/-4 °C for selling fish preserves and caviar.

Gastronomic refrigerated counters Cube are arranged in an island with trapezoidal corner modules «self». The entire range of medium-temperature displays is equipped with an internal refrigerated storage, stepped display surfaces, a high front glass with gas lift, and a designer finishing by the order of Varus.

Medusa Cube vertical displays are equipped with energy-saving doors in two versions. The beverage sales line has thin single glass doors without pillars and frames for maximum product visibility. For the sale of frozen products combined cabinets Nautilus Combi with two autonomous refrigerated volumes were used.

Semi-vertical cabinets Butterfly Cube Slim in island configuration are installed in the center of the sales area and equipped with an energy-saving double air curtain.