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The first Silpo in Diagonal design


The new thematic Silpo in Dnipro is equipped with “turnkey” refrigeration by the company Aisberg. For the first time, the Ukrainian retailer installed refrigerated display cases in Diagonal design in its store.
The main selection criterion was the ergonomics of the Diagonal design. For each product group Aisberg Ltd engineers have developed a special design of the display surface. All solutions provide first of all the convenience and efficiency of product exposure.

For the fish Department the specialized Diagonal refrigerated display cases have been developed, the design of which allows you to sell the entire range of fish in brines and marinades at an angle towards the buyer. Thanks to the cascading surface of the display case , the fish is displayed in trays, and the brine is not poured out. All parts of the display case in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. The fish Department line also includes a low- temperature module for selling caviar and a specialized Fish module for selling fish on ice.

Special attention should be paid to the showcases of the culinary department , where three design solutions are combined in one line to effectively display various culinary dishes . For fast-perishable salads, Diagonal modules are used with a two-circuit system , which ensures their rapid and uniform cooling in gastronome containers. At the same time, the exposition is inclined towards the buyer. In combination with the inclined surface, a stepped exposure surface made of stainless steel is used. Hot cooking is displayed in a thermal display case with an inclined display surface.

Diagonal Pizza’s refrigerated display for pizza preparation is connected in a line with cold counters for cooking directly in the sales area.

Diagonal’s line of refrigerated display cases for the sale of fresh meat is equipped with heated glass to prevent fogging. Another ergonomic solution is a glass shelf for transferring goods to the buyer.

For the sale of confectionery products, the Diagonal Pastry line of refrigerated display cases is installed . Three levels of cooling exposure with illumination, a wide sliding panel and a hydro-lift of the front glass ensure the ergonomics of the display case.

Vertical refrigeration cabinets are equipped with energy-saving swing doors Remis (Germany) and air flow stabilizers. The design of the lamps provides effective illumination of products on the shelves.
For frozen products Nautilus Combi combined wall-mounted display cases with two stand -alone volumes for displaying products are installed.

The range of delivery of refrigeration equipment from Aisberg also includes cooling rooms and air coolers Guntner (Germany), multi- compressor units on Bitzer compressors (Germany), a system for heat recovery of condensation, an air condenser Guntner (Germany), a system for heat recovery of condensation. Installation works, as well as connection of refrigeration equipment to the computer monitoring system Adap-Kool (Denmark), putting the store ‘s refrigeration equipment into operation were carried out by specialists of Aisberg Ltd.