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Santim Fresh Style: new supermarket concept


ВNew Santim supermarket in fresh-style concept opened recently in Odessa. This is a market where the main assortment are fresh products with focus on own production. At the same time, Santim chain key features are preserved – a European shopping street with markets and a comfortable shopping atmosphere.

Aisberg engineers developed and manufactured refrigeration cabinets which perfectly match the interior concept, maintain consistent product quality and provide ergonomic customer service. The cabinets development was carried out jointly with Santim retail chain experts and in strict accordance with the technical task.

The Fruit and Vegetables trade area is equipped with energy-efficient Medusa multi-decks with double-air curtain. Aisberg also developed a special stainless steel refrigeration cabinet with cooled round containers for the pickles and salads sale.

Any meal will be prepared in 15 minutes at the customer’s order in the Cookery zone. Refrigeration cabinets in this department have a special design for decorative elements fastening.

For the packaged cheeses sale, a super-narrow multi-deck with high base and natural wood finish has been designed and manufactured.

Gastronomic refrigeration cabinets are equipped with panoramic front glasses without racks and brackets, for maximum products visibility in the layout. The reliable hinged glass mechanism provides cleaning convenience and products exposure updating.

Fish sale department – is a refrigeration cabinets “Fish” line with sealed stainless steel tanks for fish on ice sale. Preserves and packaged fish slices are offered in this line as well in the Cube Caspiy cabinet. The entire refrigeration cabinets line in this department is decorated in a single design.

For the Santim pastry department, Aisberg engineers reconstructed the traditional pastry cabinets. At the same time the basic design elements – sliding trays and cooled glass shelves left, but exposition surface level significantly increased. This solution provides maximum convenience of pastry delicacies choice.

Low-temperature Display multi-decks with LED illumination are applied for frozen products.