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Inclined exposition: the layout visibility increase


The new Diagonal cabinets version was developed special for REWE Group and demonstrated for the first time at the EuroShop-2017 in Germany.
The main idea is sales increase by changing the products viewing angle in cabinets. The inclined exposure allows a better simultaneously products viewing from different angles.
This layout type draws the buyers attention and stimulates them to buy.
Inclined exposure is made in all Diagonal cabinets, regardless of the temperature regime – medium temperature, low temperature, thermal, for fish on ice.

In cookery zone where the products are presented in gastronomical containers, the layout is designed in that way when all the containers are located without gaps and strictly on the same level.
In order to reduce the products surface weathering in gastronomical containers and increase their cooling rate a two-stream refrigeration system with guaranteed temperature parameters is used. The products in the containers are cooled at the top and bottom simultaneously.

For technological modules where pizza is directly prepared or with a built-in grill, the working surface is horizontal, but the front glass has the same inclination angle as all Diagonal cabinets. Thus, we can create a single Diagonal design line, where a wide products variety will be sold and prepared.

Refrigerated cabinets with a reduced temperature regime are equipped with heated glasses, that prevents their fogging.