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«Hot spot» in the supermarket: a line of equipment for fast food


In a competitive time, the most effective solution for retail is to cook directly in the store in the presence of the customer. Compact cabinet lines from Aisberg Ltd with integrated process equipment allow you to implement individual projects and solutions for each specific store. Such projects require special attention of engineers, designers, technologists and, accordingly, are the most effective in trade efficiency.

The fast food line for the Velmart supermarket is individually developed on the basis of Cube Slim refrigerated display cases with a body width of 850 mm and a built-in cooling system. The design of the line provides maximum convenience of preparation and demonstration of sandwiches, french fries and pizza. The entire line is equipped with led lighting and decorated in customer’s choice.

The design of refrigeration modules integrates technological equipment – deep fryers, food warmers, fry tops. The work surface is equipped with built-in gastronomic containers for ingredients that cooled. At the bottom of the modules are refrigerated drawers for storing dough, rolls, meat and vegetable semi-finished products.

Cube Pizza Slim cabinets – a specialized refrigeration module for cooking and selling pizza – equipped with sliding refrigerated drawers for semi-finished products, a wide cooling panel gastronomic containers for ingredients. It is convenient to cook pizza right on the work surface of the cabinet.

The exposition part of the fast food line consists of two cabinets. The thermal cabinet of Cube TC Slim with the inclined hot surface of +30/+90°C provides the maximum review and convenience of the choice of sandwiches. Heating products on top is achieved through the use of an infrared heater. The compact refrigerating cabinet of Caspiy Cube Slim with glass regiments is established in a uniform line with all modules and is used for sale in self-service mode of packaged sandwiches and cold drinks.

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