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Complete lines of fast-food equipment


Fast-food assembled is a concept that is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and has made a huge change in the fast food industry. This approach to the organization of a restaurant consists in creating a complete service line, which is the place of receiving orders, preparing and serving dishes. At the same time, the cooker is not only preparing food, but also takes orders himself. It is the direct communication with the chef, the opportunity to observe the preparation of your meal and the significant time savings that attract customers. Such a restaurant occupies a small area, requires less staff and can be organized in any supermarket and shopping center.

Aisberg company manufactures complete lines of equipment for fast-food restaurants according to individual projects. Such projects require special attention of our engineers, designers, technologists and, accordingly, are the most productive in terms of trade efficiency.

Complete fast-food lines are developed on the basis of Cube Slim refrigerated display with a body width of 850 mm and a built-in cooling system. Fry-tops, fryers, soup bowls, any technological and thermal equipment are built directly into the structure of refrigerated displays – depending on the menu and specifics of the restaurant.

The Cube Pizza Slim display– a specialized refrigeration module for preparing and selling pizza – is equipped with pull-out refrigerated drawers for semi-finished products and a wide cooling panel of gourmet containers for ingredients. It is convenient to cook pizza directly on the work surface of the display.

Ready-made meals, drinks and desserts are displayed in Caspiy Cube Slim self-service refrigerated cabinet. Fresh salads are offered to customers in the Cube SO Slim salad bar with walkable gastro containers and an additional internal volume.

Finishing can be made of any materials according to the Customer’s design project – natural or artificial stone, stainless steel, ceramic tile, laminated chipboard, plywood or painted galvanized metal. To order, facings are designed with special niches for trays and lighting for a decorative effect.

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