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Diagonal display cases for top-quality craft Irish meat


The sales line of chilled fresh meat and sausages for the HUGH MAGUIRE BUTCHERS butcher shop in Ashbourne (Ireland) was developed by Aisberg Ltd in a Diagonal design with minor design adjustments. Every detail of displays for this project has been processed in terms of further operation – first of all the effectiveness of the demonstration a wide range of products and its ergonomics.

Hugh Maguire, Artisan Craft Butcher and Business Owner:

Our store is’t just a traditional place of selling meat. We sought to create a trading space where the assortment of meat products is constantly updated, improved, diversified depending on the preferences of our customers, combining tradition and innovation. This is a place for those who is looking for excellence in everything about meat. In the store has been created an atmosphere that reflects the experience of a traditional Irish butcher, who is just as reliable and qualified as in the old days. But with regard to cooling and freezing products we needed the most innovative technology, that would preserve the highest quality of our meat.
We first saw the Diagonal design at EuroShop in Germany. These were unusual displays. I have’t seen anything like that in this large exhibition. In addition to the unique design, Aisberg offered us several specific technical solutions for fresh meat, which they use in their displays. They took into account all our wishes for finishing materials and the construction of displays. Everything was modified according to our requirements and as a result we got a cold line that provides a high level of service and meat quality to our customers.

The geometry of the windshields and the lack of fasteners and brackets have become ideal for inspecting a wide range of meat. The surface for products is inclined to the client and is made from a stainless lattice, providing the ventilation of meat products 360°.

The decoration displays with stone emphasizes the interior design in the traditional Irish style of a butcher’s shop. From quartzite according to drawings of Aisberg Ltd was made sidewalls, bumpers, front panels of processing that is placed vertically because of their big weight. The stone countertop has an enlarged surface for the convenience working with meat.

The cross-cooling system allows to maintain stable temperature in displays even during thawing. The specialized Meat display has a vertical arrangement of the evaporator, the folding panel of fans, the case and details from stainless steel. Thus, it is very easy to clean the display. A high level of corrosion protection has been achieved.