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Velmart effective renovation Velmart


The concept of Velmart hypermarkets is the sale of a wide range of quality goods at low prices to a large number of buyers. That is why ergonomics is the main criterion for choosing equipment for renovated stores. Four large-scale retail space zones with an area of 5800 sq.m. equipped with refrigerated displays in the ergonomic Diagonal design.

Refrigerated islands of Diagonal gastronomy and fish displays are in the center of the hypermarket. All parts of displays implement the idea of ergonomics – the maximum visibility of products, wide inclined display surfaces, a hinged glass mechanism for easy service of display, a protective bumper against shocks from trolleys. Led backlighting of the base part of the display creates an impressive geometric effect in the large retail space of the store and attracts the attention of customers.

Butterfly Diagonal – energy efficient semi-vertical refrigerated displays with double air curtain. The best visibility and cooling of food is not only achieved by cascading and air flow stabilizers. Traditional mirrored partitions between end and linear modules have been replaced with transparent ones made of tempered safety glass and acrylic.

Comfort refrigerated displays in Diagonal design are the best solution for forming island zones for selling drinks and dairy products in self-service mode. The energy efficiency of displays is achieved with a double air curtain that comes as standard. The ergonomic design with tilting racks and cascading shelves allows efficient use of the space between displays for promotional and pallet sales without limiting customer comfort.

Hypermarket Velmart is an example of an effective combination of two designs of refrigerated displays in one retail space.
Sale of fresh meat and meat delicacies is carried out in specialized refrigerated displays Cube Meat. Internal finishing made of stainless steel, a hinged fan panel for easy cleaning of the display, vertical placement of the evaporator to prevent corrosion – these are the features of this modification of Cube counters with a temperature regime of +1/+4 °С.
Customers’ attention is attracted by their own smoked meats on suspensions in the Prizma Combi refrigerated display, which is built into the general line of Cube display. For quick sale during peak loads, part of the assortment is packed and offered in self-service mode on a separate display surface of the its.

For selling of packaged seafood, preserves in self-service mode, the hypermarket has installed a line of energy-saving refrigerated cabinets Medusa Cube with a double air curtain as a standard. Low-temperature module for selling fish caviar – Display refrigerated case with a temperature regime of -8/-4 °С.

A line of low-temperature modules in two modifications – Display and Nautilus Combi with a temperature regime of -22/-18 °C has been implanted into the Comfort refrigerated displays line for the sale of frozen products. The design of refrigerated cabinets Nautilus Combi includes two independent refrigerated volumes for different product groups.

A special development of Aisberg engineers for the Coffee-to-go zone – Caspiy Slim compact refrigerated displays.
The design of displays is customized – the overall dimensions with non-standard lengths of 1070 and 1700 mm are strictly observed for embedding in the coffee sales counter, the placement of control devices and glass shelves with lighting.