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15 new Varus projects with Aisberg Displays


Our regular partner – Varus trade chain – confidently continues its development in Ukraine. Over the past year they opened 15 new chain stores in two formats – a traditional supermarket and a «Varus To Go», take-away store. They are equipped with energy-efficient refrigerated displays manufactured by Aisberg Ltd.

The basis of the assortment of the new «Varus To Go» format is packaged food and ready-to-go food. Therefore, the set of equipment for these stores includes vertical and semi-vertical self-service displays in Cube design. Caspiy spherical display cases with a large display area are installed in the Food To Go zone for selling portioned salads, juices, yoghurts, and chilled drinks.

The entire group of refrigerated furniture for salling of packaged products in self-service mode has energy-saving design solutions:
– double air curtain in open wall Medusa cabinets
– energy-saving doors and covers in low-temperature displays Nautilus Combi
– glass energy saving doors in Medusa displays for drinks.

Refrigerated displays Cube are equipped with ergonomic sliding shelves for easy cleaning. All refrigerated displays for all Varus markets are finished in the same wood-like style.

The Cube refrigerated displays use cascading surfaces to create the impressive view of fresh meat and gastronomy. For selling hot dishes are used thermal displays with an exposition surface inclined towards the customers. Pizza is prepared right in the selling area for customers order – for this, a specialized Cube Pizza module is built into the Cube cabinet line.