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First Ultramarket: complex implementation of a design project


The new Ukrainian retail chain Ultramarket has opened its first supermarket in Kiev in the concept of Health, Craft, Farm, Local. The complex technical implementation of the project was carried out by Aisberg.
Each shopping area of the store has a total area of 2850 sq.m. is framed in its thematic design, which makes the project as a whole unique and dynamic. The diversity of the product range is highlighted with interior details and equipment modifications and finishes. For each shopping area, Aisberg specialists have made an individual line of displays for designer finishes from natural materials – wood, glass, ceramics. Ultramarket is an example of effective combination of Diagonal and Cube display in a single retail space.

Aisberg’s supply package also includes multi-compressor units of its own production with a heat recovery system, heat exchange equipment from Güntner (Germany), refrigerating chambers, and Adap-Kool Danfoss computer monitoring system (Denmark). Installation and commissioning of the equipment was carried out by Aisberg specialists.

The cooling station with a receiver group and a heat recovery system is placed inside container. All work on the preparation of the 20ft container for operation and the layout of its equipment were carried out by Aisberg. The container is additionally painted, heat and sound insulated, lighting is provided, an air conditioning system is installed, which is actually powered by a multi-compressor unit. The station is equipped with control panels with automation systems and computer monitoring of refrigeration equipment in the store. In this configuration, the store cooling station was transported to the place of operation – to an open prepared site with the parking spaces of the shopping center preserved and connected to the withdrawn pipelines. The air condenser is installed on the container at the site of exploitation.