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Two Tavria V supermarkets in a new concept were opened in Odesa


The new Aisberg factory continues to operate at full capacity. Two successful projects this summer – equipping with cabinets for two supermarkets Tavria V in Odesa. One of the two stores is located in the very heart of Odessa – on Deribasivska Street. This store was first opened in 2005. Now a complete reconstruction has been done in a new concept, which is focused on a rich assortment of ready-made food and fresh products.

The exhibition center of the supermarket is an island of medium-temperature Cube cabinets with designer finishing in olivecolor,like the style of sales hall. The refrigerator island is constructively segmented for the sale of the entire assortment of heavy goods in the “serve-over” mode – gastronomy, fresh meat, pickles, smoked fish. The surface of cabinets with 960 mm width is made of stainless steel. A “self-service” module for the sale of packaged cheeses is integrated into the line.

Medusa Montenegro compact refrigerated displaysare used for the sale of all groups of packaged products requiring refrigeration. This is a new development of Aisberg engineers in the wall-displays line. Cabinets are made in a simple and laconic design that harmonizes with the interior. With fairly compact dimensions, Medusa Montenegro has significant exhibition characteristics that are not inferior to standard displays. The maximum visibility of products is achieved by using panoramic glass doors “full glass” with LED lighting. Displays of this modification are energetically and economically efficient.

The culinary department in Tavria V supermarket works in “open kitchen” format. The Cube line of refrigerated food counters features a cascading stainless steel surface and a sliding glass shelf for quick display cleanup. The designer front finishing of displays makes them a harmonious part of the interior.

The new concept of Tavria V supermarket includes the Bagetta Espresso Bar area, where customers can quickly buy coffee, desserts, salads, and cold drinks. The packaged products of this department are displayed in a compact Medusa Montenegro cabinet.

Refrigerated displays Medusa Montenegro and Medusa Slim were also used for placing fresh vegetables and fruits in a small area of this department of the supermarket. Thanks to their significant display characteristics and ergonomic design, these refrigerated displays fully realize needs of the store area for the placement of the entire chilled assortment of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Medusa Slim open refrigerated display is equipped with an energy-saving double air curtain.

Sales area for delicate dairy products and eco-products, premium ice cream is equipped with two 1.25m refrigeration modules. Display freezer cabinet with a temperature range of -18/-20 °C has a built-in cooling system.