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Kuwait: Complex Cold Supply Project for Sultan Center


The third supermarket of Sultan Center is equipped with Aisberg refrigeration equipment. The delivery complex for a store in Es-Salimiya with a sales area of 5 thousand sq.m. included refrigerated displays, multi-compressor units, air condensers and cold rooms, as well as an installation design service with the supply of installation materials.

Medusa Cube side-wall refrigerated displays and Butterfly semi-vertical display cabinets are equipped with an energy-saving double air curtain and air flow stabilizers.

For back-line sales in the gourmet department Medusa Combi refrigerated display with two refrigerated volumes and a stainless steel finish is installed.

A wide range of frozen products of Sultan Center supermarket is presented in three modifications of Aisberg low-temperature displays.

The cooling system is manufactured by Aisberg, taking into account the hot climate of Kuwait. All refrigeration equipment is connected to the Adap-Kool computer monitoring system (Danfoss).