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Kuwait: Sultan Center flagship store with Aisberg equipment


The flagship store Sultan Center in Kuwait is fully equipped with Aisberg equipment! The supermarket with an extraordinary interior from a leading European design bureau is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and in the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Kuwait. This project is an example of customisation of equipment at all levels – design, processing and cooling. The design of each cabinet was developed by our engineers individually. Designer finishes made of marble, quartzite, ceramic mosaic and natural wood were made directly at the factory, carefully packaged to be installed in the store. All equipment is adapted for operation in the hot and humid climate of Kuwait.

Elegant line of refrigerated displays for pastry in Cube design with a functional design and maximum product visibility. Finished in classic black and white colors – a table top from black Italian quartzite and a white ceramic mosaic on front panels of displays.

The line of cabinets in Cube design consists of two different temperature modules for different group of products:

  • Cube Pizza module is installed for cooking and selling pizza, temperature mode +2/+6 °C, refrigerated gastronomic containers for ingredients. The table top from durable and aesthetic black quartzite is effectively combined with front finishing from a white ceramic mosaic.
  • module in Cube design for selling ice cream cakes with a temperature mode -20/-18 °C is applied. Front glass is equipped with heating to prevent fogging. The glass construction and the high level of the stainless steel exposure surface provide the best overview of products.

Promotional refrigerated module Frigate Fresh Corner for seasonal fresh products. Temperature mode 0/+4 °С, built-in cooling system.
Functional finishing of display: an exposition surface from stainless steel and the front cylindrical panel from the laminated chipboard.

Exposition tables made of natural wood with a table top made of black quartzite for fresh pastries are designed and manufactured by Aisberg Ltd to the author’s design of Sultan Center.

Sushi bar with black ceramic tiles and natural oak are equipped with built-in refrigerated displays for storing ingredients. Temperature range is +2/+4 °С.

Vertical cabinets Display Maxi with a temperature mode of -20/-18 °C are equipped with heating glasses and strengthening shelves for the increased loadings.

Island refrigerated displays in Cube design for delicacies and gastronomy. Temperature range +2/+4 °С. Combined front finish of laminated chipboard and black ceramic mosaic. The Butterfly Cube line of energy-saving shelves is installed for self-service packaging of packaged products.

The main point of Sultan Center supermarket is the island of refrigerated displays in Cube design for delicacies. Maximum visibility of products in displays is provided through the use of frontal glass without brackets and racks. Temperature range +2/+4 °С. The special aesthetics of the store is realized in the combined front finishing from the laminated chipboard and a black ceramic mosaic.

In the design of Butterfly Cube Aisberg engineers used an energy-saving double air curtain.

The two-level multi-compressor refrigeration unit Aisberg for the Sultan Center in Kuwait is integrated into the general circulating water supply system.