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Customized solutions for SPAR, Kharkiv


Everything that distinguishes the store from competitors gives an undeniable advantage over them and increases the sales volume. This is the basic principle in the interior design and equipment selection for Spar supermarkets in Kharkov.

The priority refrigeration equipment line in Kharkiv Spar supermarket chain is the combined counters. Refrigerated cabinets Cube Combi constructively combine two cooled exposition surfaces – for the sale of weight products with the seller’s help and for packed products in self-service area. Thus, the most effective use of the retail space of the store is ensured. For the same purpose, some models of refrigerated cabinets have non-standard length.

By order of Spar supermarket Aisberg produced the panoramic, fully transparent refrigerated display cabinet for confectionery with two-way access – for customers at one side and for staff at another one. Energy saving and temperature equability on all shelves is provided by ultra-thin swing doors (Italy) and sliding transparent curtains made of acrylic at the seller’s side.

The hot vertical display cabinet for fresh bakery and pizza is also produced by special order of Spar. Each shelf of natural marble is heated, keeping the laid out products hot.