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Spar hypermarket in Diagonal design


Refrigeration cabinets in Diagonal design in international Spar supermarket chain were install.

Gastronomic islands equipped with refrigeration cabinets Diagonal Self with a stepped exposure surface.
Cabinets decorated with removable panels of laminated chipboard «wenge» in an aluminum profile on the front, which provides ergonomics for cleaning and maintenance.

Refrigeration cabinets in Diagonal design installed on the perimeter of the hypermarket’s sales hall, staffed with completely different cabinets from functional and constructional point of view.

Diagonal Fish – a sealed refrigeration cabinet made of stainless steel used for fish on ice selling. Inclined exposure surface allows product overview improving.
Diagonal Self cabinets with stainless steel trim used for packaged meat selling in a self-service mode. All cabinets that work with a reduced temperature range are equipped with a heating glass system against fogging.

Diagonal Sushi – combined refrigeration cabinets for sushi preparation and sale. The cabinet’s design provides a workplace for sushi master and a multi-level cooling surface for the packaged sushi sale in a self-service mode.

Diagonal Pizza – refrigeration cabinets for pizza preparing in the trading hall at the buyer’s order. Prepared pizza layout made on neutral modules in Diagonal design with a high exposure surface made of natural marble.

Energy efficient Medusa multi-decks with sliding doors installed in the center of the hypermarket’s sales area for diverse products range sale in a self-service mode.
The low-temperature multi-deck Display with a temperature range of -8/-6 °C used for preserves and frozen seafood sale.