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Spar in Lviv


SPAR supermarket, which is located in the Parus Park complex in Lviv, is an example of a successful combination of two refrigeration cabinets designs in one treading space.

For packaged products self-service sale, as well as fruits and vegetables, Aisberg used Medusa multi-deck in Cube design. Energy saving is achieved by a range of technical solutions in the equipment design:

  • double air curtain;
  • airflow stabilizers on the shelves;
  • led lighting;
  • night blinds.

There is a serve-over counters island in Diagonal design in the middle of trade space. The SPAR choice is caused by the design high ergonomic characteristics:

  • maximum products visibility in the layout;
  • inclined exposure surface;
  • reliable and easy-to-use mechanism for the front glass opening.

The Diagonal line refrigeration equipment has specialized modules in the same design for fish on ice and hot cookery sale.