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Rock-Silpo in Ternopil


Refrigeration equipment complex by Aisberg Ltd. installed in the Silpo supermarket in Ternopil.
The main requirements for refrigeration equipment – ergonomics and energy efficiency – was implemented in the five lines cabinets design and details by Aisberg.

Cube counters equipped with hinged panoramic glasses without brackets which allow to see without any obstacles the entire layout. These cabinets insular combinations with Silpo neutral angular counters are used.

Two types of low-temperature cabinets for frozen products sale are used: the combined Nautilus Combi and the wide horizontal Nautilus with energy-saving curved covers.

Energy-saving multi-decks Medusa Cube are equipped with a range of energy-saving technical solutions: glass doors, air flow stabilizers, double air curtain in open versions.

The confectionery division includes specialized Cube Pastry cabinets with transparent lighted shelves and pull-out trays, as well as refrigeration cabinets for chocolate sale with a special temperature and humidity range.