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New Silpo in Port style


This store is made with love to Odessa. Starting with the bright colorful concept – Odessa port and sea – and to the refrigeration equipment made in Odessa.

New Silpo in port style is one more refrigeration equipment manufacturing and installation complex project made by Aisberg Ltd.

The supplying and installation complex include:

  • Energy-saving refrigeration cabinets with panoramic frontal glasses without brackets in Cube design. The improved glass opening system ensures smoothness, movement easiness and high fit accuracy. Magnets guarantee reliable fixation.
    An additional reduction in the cabinets energy consumption is achieved by the absence of glass heating elements.
  • Nautilus and Nautilus Combi freezers with volume two-sided led-illumination. A new lighting system for freezers significantly increases the illumination level. The product, the cooled volume visibility increase and attract buyers.
  • Medusa multi-decks equipped with Remis energy-saving glass doors (Germany)
  • Güntner cold rooms and air coolers
  • Compressor rack manufactured by Aisberg Ltd.
  • Güntner condenser (Germany)
  • Aisberg Ltd condensation heat recovery system for water heating in the store. The heat recovery tank is made in Ukraine according to the Aisberg Ltd drawings especially for this project.

The store is connected to the Adap-Kool (Danfoss) computer monitoring system.