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Silpo in the German style


Aisberg became the refrigeration equipment supplier for the new Silpo supermarket in Odessa.
The store opened on June 29 on the Lustdorf road, which led to the ancient Lustdorf German settlement by the sea. Therefore, the trading hall interior includes many rural Germany aesthetics details – elements made of natural wood, plants, signboards, shutters.
But the main is comfort, German functionality and practicality. These principles relate primarily to the store zoning and equipment.

Refrigeration cabinets in Cube design are maximum ergonomic for the staff as well as for the buyer. Cabinets’ panoramic glasses without support brackets allow maximum products visibility.

Some modules equipped with inclined exposure surfaces to improve the layout visibility.

Multi-decks for vegetables, beverages, dairy products are energy-saving Medusa Cube multi-decks equipped with LED lighting and double air curtain. Semi-vertical cabinets for packed gastronomy, preserves and cakes are equipped with glass energy-saving doors Remis (Germany).

Frozen products presented in the combined display cases Nautilus Combi. In the center of selling fish and seafood zone there is a horizontal low-temperature Nautilus freezer with energy-saving glass covers for a large frozen fish range selling.