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The Great Silk Road – new Silpo concept in Kyiv


Rich caravans, oriental bazaars, bright tents – this is how the interior of the new Silpo Silk Road style supermarket appears from the Great Wall of China to Samarkand.The Supermarket with an Area of 1650 sq.m. equipped with refrigerated and heated Aisberg equipment have a classic Cube design in which constructively a lot of attention paid to the ergonomics for the customers and staff.

There is a zone with vegetables and exotic fruits on large wooden carts at the entrance.Pickles and fresh herbs are presented in the Medusa Cube energy-efficient multi-decks with double air curtain and airflow stabilizers.

There is a cafe with pizza, sandwiches and prepared food under the wooden Chinese roof. A specialized Cube Pizza cabinet for pizza preparation with refrigerated containers for ingredients is installed directly on the trading floor, behind which pizza maker works.

The main interior trading floor is made in Desert Colors. There are bright refrigerated cabinets islands under tents: craft local products from the farms, Fish, self-made confectionery. The gastronomical cabinets frontal glasses are without brackets and racks, thus, the exposure has the maximum visibility from different angles. In order to allow the staff to make an impressive exhibition, the frontal glasses are reliable with a convenient hinged mechanism.

Fresh-zones with meat and culinary are placed along the walls. Cube cabinets with panoramic frontal glasses and stepped layout have the stainless steel facing. Heated cabinet for hot dishes have inclined exposure.

Own confectionery is equipped with spectacular 1400mm Cube Pastry refrigerated cabinets with three exposure levels and LED-backlight. A wide retractable tray and swing doors greatly simplify and speed up staff work. A customized cabinet with a special regime of humidity and temperature for chocolate is finished with natural marble.

Refrigeration cabinets line for dairy products is equipped with energy-saving Remis glass doors (Germany). Effective goods illumination in the cabinets is achieved with by shelf design.

There are several refrigerated islands of Butterfly semi-vertical cabinets with head case for packaged confectionery and gastronomic products sale. Cabinets are equipped with energy-saving sliding doors, each shelf has lighting.