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New bright Silpo: now Siciliano!


Colorful ornaments, olive trees, cozy streets with balconies and hanging linen, a mafia car – all this is the new Silpo design supermarket in the Sicilian style in Nikolaev. Aisberg took part in this striking project as a manufacturer and supplier of cabinets in Cube design.

The entrance area of the supermarket is a real market in southern Italy. Over the island of refrigerated display cases, Cube Self is a bright canopy with Sicilian ornaments and a winking sun with blue eyes. Cascading cabinets with three levels of layout and wide cylindrical corners allow to make impressive exposition of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Islands of refrigerated displays Cube under bright ornaments of ripe Sicilian lemons – are departments for selling meat and fish delicacies, cheeses. Cylindrical corner elements of cabinets are equipped with ergonomic hinged glasses for easy cleaning and display renewal.

In the center of the selling area, among the Sicilian “streets” with living palm trees, there are lines of Butterfly low refrigerated displays with energy-saving sliding doors Remis (Germany). For selling frozen meat in self-service mode, a Butterfly BT low-temperature cabinet is installed in the meat section.

The center of attraction for sweets lovers are the 1415mm high Cube Pastry displays with three refrigerated display levels and impressive lighting on each level. The confectionery department of the Sicilian Silpo is equipped with a Cube Chocolate refrigerated display with a specialized humidity (40-60%) and temperature (+ 15°C) control system for chocolate delicacies. Pastry displays are equipped with front glass hydrolift, pull-out shelves and glass swing doors for the convenience and speed of staff work.

The culinary line includes a heated display with an inclined surface for the best view of products. Fresh salads, juices and yoghurts – ready-made breakfast or lunch – are conveniently presented in the Caspiy Cube self-service refrigerated display with lighting and cooling on each shelf.