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Silpo supermarket in music style


The Ukrainian retailer Silpo new supermarket interior is decorated in musical style. Graceful decks and keys of musical instruments in accordance with the columns and ceilings decoration, composers portraits on lamps, neon notes on trade departments signs make the interior very special.

Aisberg refrigeration cabinets are decorated in accordance with the interior style with facings made of natural wood, stone, non-ferrous metals. Cabinets island is equipped with rounded corners with cylindrical glasses.

Multi –decks are equipped with energy-saving Remis doors (Germany).
A specialized refrigeration module with a system of humidity and temperature maintaining for chocolate is integrated in the Pastry cabinets line.

Cube refrigeration cabinets in the most ergonomic modification – with panoramic glasses without racks and brackets and hinged mechanism – provide maximum products visibility in the layout from any view angle and easy cleaning.

Aisberg Ltd. carried out the full refrigeration/cooling system works range in the new store – the refrigeration equipment and a cooling system manufacturing with the condensing heat using, cold/freeze rooms, air coolers, air condensers Guntner (Germany) supplying.

The supermarket is connected to the Adap-Kool computer monitoring system (Danfoss, Denmark).
Aisberg specialists developed the piping project and carried out installation works and store commissioning.