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Ergonomics of shopping in a fabulous supermarket


The new Silpo supermarket in the fantastic style of the Valley of the Fairies, as always, gives unforgettable emotions to its customers. The design and art objects of the interior immerse in the atmosphere of fairy tales about elves and fairies, which is designed not only for adults, but primarily for young guests of the supermarket. Therefore, the main requirement for refrigeration equipment is the ergonomics of choosing and buying healthy food. Refrigerated furniture in the classic restrained design Cube made by Aisberg is made in an ergonomic configuration.

The island of Cube cabinets for gastronomy is located in the heart of the supermarket – under the roof of the Elven Castle. The maximum visibility of products from any angle of view in displays is reached by a design of a front glass – without supports and arms.
For convenient and fast care of a display and exposition of products the front glass is provided with the reliable folding mechanism on magnets.
To reduce peak loads, part of the refrigerated display cases is made in the Cube Self modification for the sale of popular gastronomic products in the self-service mode.

Effective displays Cube S made by Aisberg with panoramic front glass are installed in the sales departments of fresh meat, fish, farm products “Tradition Shop”.
The culinary sales line also includes the Caspiy Cube self-service refrigerated display for packaged fresh salads and pizzas.

The confectionery line of displays includes two specialized modules Cube Pastry and Cube Chocolate manufactured by Aisberg. Functional features of the design are adapted for fast and convenient service of customers and the best demonstration of confectionery.
The refrigerating display for sale of chocolate is equipped with support system of optimum conditions of preservation of quality of this product – temperature is +15/+18 °C, humidity no more than 40%.

Medusa Cube and Butterfly Cube self-service vertical displays are made in an energy-saving configuration:
– double air curtain in open modules,
– air flow stabilizers,
– energy-saving doors Remis (Germany).