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Updated Silpo in Odessa in the style of underwater world


Another impressive project by Silpo was implemented in partnership with Aisberg for the maritime city Odessa. The reconstruction of the Odessa supermarket in the City Center shopping and entertainment center was carried out using ergonomic refrigerating furniture in Cube design with an energy-saving package.

Refrigerated counters Cube with 45° and 90° corner modules are used for selling fresh meat, fish, and gastronomy. Front glass design without brackets and support legs provides maximum visibility of products in displays. The ergonomics of display cabinet maintenance is achieved with the help of convenient and reliable glass opening mechanisms in straight and corner modules.

The center of the supermarket trading floor is equipped with Butterfly semi-vertical refrigerated displays with Remis energy-saving sliding doors (Germany). The Butterfly cabinets in the Cube design are also installed in the fish and meat departments for the sale of packaged assortments in self-service mode.

The confectionery island is equipped with specialized Pastry refrigerated displays with a modernized design of doors and a retractable platform. Chocolate products are exhibited in a specialized display Cube Chocolate with a humidity control system of 40% and a temperature of +14/+16 °С. The surface of the display is made of natural marble.

In the cafeteria of Silpo supermarket, a comprehensive renovation of the ready-made food distribution line with thermal, neutral and refrigeration modules has been carried out.

For pizza preparation Cube Pizza refrigerated display with refrigerated gastronorm containers for ingredients and a marble top for working with dough is installed in the sales area of Silpo supermarket.

Refrigerated display Medusa Cube in energy-saving configuration are equipped with Remis glass doors (Germany) and air flow stabilizers.