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Ergonomic refrigerated serve-over counters Cube


A new designer Silpo in the art style of the work of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt opened in Odesa. The supermarket is equipped with Aisberg cabinets.

A special feature of the new supermarket is a large assortment of freshly prepared dishes. Therefore, the gastronomy department is equipped with a line of Cube serve-over counters with different designs and temperature conditions in accordance with the offered assortment:

  • refrigerated serve-over counter for the production and sale of pizza directly in the retail floor by the guests order;
  • neutral serve-over counter with built-in pancake maker for cooking and selling pancakes;
  • line of refrigerated serve-over counters Cube S with a cascade display surface for chilled fresh food;
  • Cube serve-over hot counter with inclined heating table +30/+60 °С for hot dishes;
  • comfortable semi-vertical Caspiy Cube cabinet for packed sandwiches, desserts, burgers, salads.

A large assortment of fresh meat and fish are presented in the supermarket of with an area of 1238 sq.m. These departments are equipped with exposure-efficient Cube S cabinets with panoramic front glasses without hangers and racks for the most convenient overview and product selection. The interior decoration of the canets is made of food stainless steel. Packed meat and fish products are offered in Butterfly Cube refrigeration cabinets with Remis energy-saving sliding doors (Germany).

The exposition center of the Silpo supermarket in Odesa is the selling spot of gastronomy and pastry in refrigerated cabinets Cube. Refrigerated cabinets are equipped with 45° cylindrical corner units with wide expositional surfaces. Cube Pastry cabinets provide fast and comfortable service for guests with the help of ergonomic design elements – pull-out refrigerated trays, swing doors and illuminated glass shelves.

Energy-saving vertical multi-desks Medusa Cube with double air curtain and air flow stabilizers on the shelves are used for the sale of vegetables and fruits. For the sale of a wide range of drinks, dairy products, sauces, packed sausages and cheese, the supermarket has installed similar displays with energy-saving swing doors Remis (Germany).