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Icy Silpo in the south of Ukraine


The new Silpo themed supermarket in Yuzhny is decorated in an Antarctic style with icy ceilings, snow and icebergs to make shopping a joy and an exciting experience for guests of the store.
Refrigerated furniture in a classic, discreet design Cube manufactured by Aisberg is made in an ergonomic package, because taking care of the comfort of the purchase is the main principle of service in Silpo chain.

The line for selling ready-to-eat meals is equipped with Cube S refrigerated display with three exposure levels from stainless steel and a hot table Cube TC with an inclined surface towards the customer and a temperature regime of +30/+60 °С.
The front glass has a convenient and reliable opening mechanism with magnetic amplifiers. In this case the glass does not need to be supported.
To prepare fresh pizza for ordering by supermarket guests, was installed a specialized refrigerated display cabinet Cube Pizza with refrigerated drawers and containers for ingredients and a marble work surface.

Modification of refrigerated cabinets Cube S with spherical corner elements is used to form island zones for the sale of fish, fresh meat and gastronomy.
The maximum view of products in displays is achieved by the design of the front glass – without supports and brackets. For convenient and quick renewal of the exposition of products, the corner refrigeration modules are equipped with hinged spherical glasses.

The confectionery line of refrigerated displays includes two specialized modules Cube Pastry and Cube Chocolate. The functional features of the design of displays are adapted for quick and convenient service for guests of the store and the best demonstration of confectionery products.

Refrigerated display case Cube Chocolate creates the best conditions for maintaining the quality of chocolate – temperature regime +15/+18 °С, humidity not higher than 40%.

Vertical self-service displays Medusa Cube and Butterfly Cube are made in an energy-saving package:

  • double air curtain in open modules
  • air flow stabilizers
  • energy-saving doors Remis (Germany).