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Aisberg has equipped an «Emotional» Silpo in Rivne


Refrigeration equipment produced by Aisberg is installed in the new designer supermarket of Silpo chain, which recently opened in Rivne city in Happy Mall shopping center.
As always, these are modifications of refrigerated displays with the best ergonomics and wide opportunities for exhibiting and selling a diverse range of products. The equipment is made in a concise Cube design and decorated in restrained graphite colors against the background of a bright, colorful interior that gives a lot of positive emotions to the store’s guests.
This is the second Silpo supermarket, which was comprehensively equipped with Aisberg refrigerating displays during the war in Ukraine.

The exhibition center of the supermarket is an island area of selling gastronomy and farm products of Traditions Bench. Under the ceiling with pictures of the symbol of luck and happiness – a four-leaf clover – is an island of Cube refrigerators with a panoramic front glass for perfect visibility of products. The necessary geometry of the island is achieved with the help of 45° corner cooling modules.

Another composition that always attracts customers is Cube Self refrigerated display island for selling seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. Cylindrical corner modules with low glass, wide display surfaces allow you to make impressive layout of fresh popular products.

The culinary department, meeting the needs of modern customers, offers a variety of ready-to-eat products. The Cube line of counters combines cold and hot modules with the best display options for selling cold and hot food.

For guests who love pizza, there is an opportunity to order and watch it being prepared at the specialized Cube Pizza refrigerated display.

Fresh meat and fish are displayed in Cube refrigerated cabinets with panoramic front glass.

For frozen meat is installed a low-temperature Butterfly display with a hinged doors.

Vertical refrigerated displays save energy because of a number of technical solutions. First of all, these are energy-saving glass doors, which are installed in almost all lines of Medusa displays. Medusa fruit and vegetable display is equipped with an energy-efficient double air curtain. All shelves of vertical displays have air flow stabilizers. For the most efficient use of the retail space in new Silpo are used vertical displays on standard and slim cases.