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Santim Fresh Style


The chain of gourmet supermarkets Santim in the fresh-style concept has opened another supermarket in the south of Ukraine. The assortment of fresh market is based on products of its own production. The style of a new store is the sea coast of Provence, the port embankment with a comfortable atmosphere of shopping for the freshest farm and seafood products. By the order of Santim, Aisberg engineers designed and manufactured displays that match the interior concept, maintain consistent product quality and provide ergonomics for customers.

Fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables and fruits, pickles and marinades are offered to customers in the compact island of Cube refrigerated display cases with stainless steel and natural wood finishes. For the sale of pickles, a specialized self-service module has been developed with refrigerated round containers in the form of tubs. The surface of this display has a cascading design for the convenience of customers.

For the confectionery and culinary departments of the new Santim, Aisberg engineers have reconstructed the Cube SO series cabinets on a narrow Slim body with an additional refrigerated volume. The level of the exposition surface has been significantly raised. Installed panoramic glasses without brackets and racks. These design solutions provide maximum convenience for choosing confectionery delicacies and culinary dishes.

The exposition center of the supermarket is a line of refrigerated displays on a compact Slim case for the sale of gourmet gastronomy. Gastronomic displays Cube S are structurally combined with specialized displays Cube Meat for the sale of fresh meat. All displays have a special design for fastening of elements of decorative furnish. In the fish sales department, Fish refrigerated display cases with hermetic stainless steel containers and designer finishes are installed.

Energy-saving Medusa refrigerated displays with a double air curtain for the sale of chilled drinks, sausages, preserves and packaged meat are placed around the sales area.
Semi-vertical Butterfly refrigerated cabinets in island geometry are used to sell a wide range of dairy products. The open end modules are equipped with a double air curtain. Linear modules are equipped with thin energy-saving sliding doors “one glass”.