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Cabinets in Diagonal design at RetailShow in Warsaw


Aisberg presented new developments in the Diagonal design line at the one of the biggest exhibitions in the Eastern Europe for Retail – Retail Show 2018.
We accentuated on the effective modifications with inclined exposures and frontal glasses, which provide a maximum visibility of the layout and products choose ergonomics.

Presented Diagonal models for culinary sale – hot and cold cabinets with gastronomical containers – demonstrate the best layout presentation from any angle of view. Refrigeration cabinets are provided with two cold air flows system for a rapid and uniform products cooling in gastronomical containers.

Instead of traditional straight glass, the cabinet for pastry is equipped with inclined frontal glass which increase the pastry exposition visibility. Cabinet’s service ergonomics provided by a safe mechanism for glass opening and comfortable hinged back doors.

Diagonal Comfort multi-decks debuted in Warsaw. The multi-deck which gain popularity among retailers year after year kept the energy efficiency system and a comfortable design for the customers, but changed its esthetics. Now the multi-decks complete the cabinets line in Diagonal design.

Another effective Aisberg development – special cabinet for fresh meat – also presented in Warsaw. All design details and cooling system were developed taking into consideration the effective fresh meat sale. Evaporator’s vertical placement, fans panel construction, the body and details made of stainless steel.


Aisberg brought a renewed Bochka in Warsaw – with new ergonomic plastic covers made of high quality acrylic.