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Island display cases for vegetables and fruits


Refrigeration islands for vegetables and fruits will soon become the center of attention of customers. After all, the new season is approaching!
Frigate refrigeration islands are an effective solution for the sale of fresh greens, berries, fruits and vegetables, yogurts and juices:

  • Ergonomics for customers
  • Maximum review of products
  • Optimal width of exposure surfaces
  • Compact sizes
  • Minimal installation costs
  • Processing from stainless steel, wood, ceramic tiles
  • 90% of construction details are made of galvanized steel.

Depending on the format and area of the store, you can choose the appropriate Frigate modification in size.
For the sale of salted and marinated products, it is possible to complete the refrigerating island with an end module in a special design with built-in stainless steel tanks.

Customization is possible by design and dimensions, decorative finishing materials, cooling system.
If the unit is built-in, it is possible to install the Frigate in an already working shop.