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Nash Kray: store «Next to Home» with a high level of service


The store «Nash Kray» in Kosiv – the famous Ukrainian Carpathian resort, serves not only residents of the city, but also numerous tourists. Therefore, special attention is paid to the level of service and the quality of products. The range of fresh baked goods, culinary, seasonal fruits, fresh meat and meat products has been expanded.

The center of the supermarket’s exposition is the island of Diagonal gastronomic refrigerated display cases in a laconic black design in accordance with the interior style. The geometry of the island includes 45° corner modules. The interior decoration of displays is made from stainless steel. The culinary modules are equipped with an inclined display surface, meat and gastronomic displays have refrigerated steps. Everything is aimed at a comfortable overview and product selection.

Front folding glasses have a glass shelf for easy transfer of goods to the buyer. Cabinets with a reduced temperature regime have a front glass heating system to prevent fogging.

The Medusa Diagonal lines of energy-efficient wall cabinets combine open modules with double air curtains and glass doors – depending on the product group.

The store combines two equipment designs in its retail space – Diagonal design medium-temperature displays and Nautilus Combi line of low-temperature displays. Due to the general color scheme of the finishing that is used in the manufacture of refrigerators, this combination looks quite harmonious and stylish. Low-temperature displays Nautilus Combi have two refrigerated volumes with independent temperature and humidity control.

A line of refrigerated cabinets Caspiy with a height of 1415mm was installed for selling fresh vegetables and fruits. The promotional offer of fresh products is displayed on the Promo displays with an autonomous cooling system.