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Giant Velmart: cooling upgrade


Hypermarket Velmart on Bereznyakovskaya street in Kiev comprehensive renovation of refrigeration equipment. On the sales area of 4500 sq. m. four lines of refrigerated display cases in Diagonal design are installed.
According to the Velmart concept, special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the equipment. Custom Diagonal storefront design with ergonomic focus on shopping and impressive display options satisfy all the requirements of the hypermarket.

In the center of the shopping space on an area of ​​70 sq.m. – island of refrigerated counters Diagonal. All the details of the windows here are subordinate to the idea of ​​ergonomics of making purchases and customer service:

  • wide cascading surfaces for laying out products;
  • the geometry of the front glass with a shelf provides maximum visibility of the products in the display case;
  • the hinged mechanism of the glass helps staff to easily maintain the window;
  • bumper design with shock protection by bogies;
  • «LED-floor lighting» creates a visual effect of lightness and hovering designs and attracts the attention of customers.

The fish sales department is equipped with specially designed display cases for selling fish on ice and installing an aquarium.

Vertical multi-decks – three Diagonal scale lines in an island composition with end elements. Ergonomics is also the main idea of ​​the construction and design of equipment. Tilt the back wall and a cascading display of shop windows provides a comfortable selection of products even during peak hours – each customer has his own comfortable space next to the shop window.
A low-temperature Nautilus Combi display case with two independent refrigeration volumes is harmoniously integrated into one of the lines.