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For each product group – the most effective solutions


Is it possible to combine different designs equipment in one trading space, choosing the best solutions for each product group?
A successful example of this combination is a new supermarket in the capital of Georgia.
Aisberg Ltd supplied a full refrigeration equipment range, including refrigerating chambers and cooling system for the new Georgian market.

The exposition center is the cookery sale area – cold and hot dishes. The island layout of the area and the high requirements for ergonomics determined the equipment choice in the Diagonal design.
The bain-marie thermal module is built into the refrigerated cabinets’ line, in the countertop of which containers of various shapes and capacities are installed, which improves the hot dishes demonstration and sale.

Fresh meat, traditional Georgian cheeses, meat delicacies sale is organized around the trading hall perimeter in the linear areas equipped with Cube cabinets with cross-cooling system©. The cross-cooling system using is especially important for these products sale, because it ensures a stable temperature in the cabinet and a longer quality preservation.

The store ergonomics with a high level of service provides for maximum comfort of the goods choice and purchase. Therefore, the store uses three modifications of rack type refrigerated display cabinets – depending on the sales space layout.
The island sales zones in the center of trading hall are equipped with comfortable semi-vertical Butterfly cabinets with shelf lighting and sliding glass doors.

Multi-decks Comfort with inclined racks and rear walls ensure comfortable customers movement in areas with narrower passages.
Medusa Maxi refrigeration cabinets with the 2240mm height for trading area effective use in open areas are installed.

Exclusive Aisberg development – wooden barrels Bochka© with transparent covers are installed on the wooden podium in the center of the trading hall and used for the national Georgian pickles sale.

To ensure the quality of frozen food and energy saving, low-temperature cabinets Nautilus are connected to a liquid defrosting system©.