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Compact chiller for a gastronomic boutique


For stores with a high level of service and a small sales area, Aisberg offers a compact line of refrigerated cabinets Cube Slim. A new project where all the possibilities of this refrigeration equipment line are realized – Myasoyed gastronomic boutique in Odessa. The design of Slim line cabinets allow the most efficient use of a small retail store area:

  • small case width – 910mm for a vertical display case and 945mm for counters,
  • high-quality LED lighting of all exposition surfaces,
  • the width of the display surface in refrigerated counters 695mm allows you to create impressive displays of delicacies,
  • additional refrigerated storage in showcases,
  • energy-saving curtains are equipped with rollers for the convenience of staff.

An interesting concept of the store is the preparation of meat on the grill by the customer’s order and hot baked goods in the tandoor right on the trading floor. It is very convenient that the freshest semi-finished meat products are presented here – in a compact refrigerated cabinet Cube Slim. All parts of the refrigerated cabintes that come into contact with food are made of food grade stainless steel. Cabinets are decorated in neutral colors.