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Frigate – new refrigerated cabinet, was represented for the first time on EuroShop 2020. Frigate refrigeration cabinet – it’s a complex solution for fresh-zones in the stores with the possibility of simultaneous sale of a various fresh products: fresh juices on ice, natural yogurts, microgreens, fruit and vegetable salads, olives.

Design’s idea of Frigate – maximal overview of products and stable temperature condition with reducing of costs for cooling. Construction of the cabinet contains energy saving technology of double air curtain and transparent wall with perforation.
Temperature condition +2/+6 °С.

The cabinet can be connected to remote refrigeration units as for standard. Island Frigate can be manufactured with built-in aggregate, what allows to install the cabinet in any zone of the existing store.

Frontal cladding of the cabinets in standard equipment – galvanized steel with powder paint in accordance with colors line RAL. As for customized project, it would be possible to make covering with ceramic tile, mosaic, natural wood veneer, solid artificial stone, laminated chipboard by request of the customer.

Frigate.pdf  (1.26 Mb)