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Author’s Diagonal models


The complex equipment of the fresh-market in the author’s Diagonal design was implemented by Aisberg’s Belarusian distributor. The concept of the store provides for the preparation of the maximum food categories right in the store in order to provide customers with the highest quality products.
To implement this concept, Aisberg engineers have developed completely new, specific cabinet designs with an individual set of options for each product category. First of all, it is the ergonomic geometry of front glasses and display surfaces, functional parts, built-in technological equipment, durable high-quality materials, efficient cooling systems, energy saving.
The choice of the Diagonal design is primarily due to its ergonomic characteristics, which provide a maximum view of products in the cabinet. Most of the departments have an island configuration, so cabinets are equipped with spectacular floor lighting and a high plinth to attract the attention of customers.

The sale of vegetables and fruits is realized using four types of equipment:

  • Orange refrigerated island display case is structurally equipped with cascade shelves and inclined panels made of natural wood for the best display of vegetables;
  • wall-mounted cabinet Mango with a cascade refrigerated display of vegetables and fruits;
  • for fresh greenery, a specialized cabinet Frіgate was installed, which features refrigerated semicircular end modules with a temperature regime of +2/+4 °С for the most convenient viewing and sale of seasonal greens and salads;
  • an impressive display of fresh fruits and berries is provided by the island of Diagonal Self refrigerated display with low glass panes and inclined surfaces made of natural wood.

The culinary island is the most technically intensive area of the supermarket. The preparation and sale of fresh products – pancakes, tandoor cakes, hot soups, sushi, sandwiches, grilled products – takes place on the front line, which is equipped with refrigeration, heating and neutral modules with built-in frying and processing equipment.

Each cabinet of the island for the sale of meat and gastronomy is equipped with special options to ensure maximum visibility and preserve the quality of products.

The specialized cabinet Diagonal Fish is equipped with a fine irrigation system to preserve the quality and appearance of fresh fish.

The best exposition of hot fresh baked bakery is realized in Diagonal cabinets with inclined natural wood surfaces. Installed in the line with neutral displays Diagonal Bakery. Diagonal Pastry refrigerated displays for the sale of pastries and a refrigerated unit for pizza and sandwiches.

Diagonal vertical multi-decs in medium and low temperature design complement the overall design concept of the supermarket. Cabinets are equipped with energy-saving doors manufactured by Remis (Germany).