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Aisberg – the leader of refrigeration equipment export


The national business rating determined the best Ukrainian enterprises. Aisberg became the refrigeration equipment export leader for 2017 according to the Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity for export operations indicators and commodity item groups data.

The official award ceremony took place in the Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Prestigious award presented to the Aisberg Ltd CEO Oleg Antonenko by the Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce president Sergey Shuvalov.

Aisberg has been working in the refrigeration equipment market since 1989. Now the company exports refrigeration cabinets and installations of its own production to 29 countries of the world, including Iceland, Australia, Kenya, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Hungary, Romania.
Among Aisberg Ltd customers are the world retail trade leaders – Spar, Metro, Carrefour, Billa chains.