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Aisberg at Euroshop-2020


Aisberg presented Effective Trade Technologies equipment at the leading retail trade form Euroshop at the 5th time.
All solutions presented this year were made in accordance with the latest world retail trends: ergonomics, customization and ecology.
Aisberg Ltd. booth exposition and design were elaborated in partnership with Columbia SRL (a member of Schweitzer Group), the world leader in the concept and shopfitting field.

Two main design types of Aisberg cabinets – Cube and Diagonal – were presented in their maximum equipment. The main accent – ergonomics and layout maximum visibility. Transparent open design of these cabinets, where all fixation elements are hidden and surfaces for layout are inclined to the customer, present a completely new products exposure level.

The main Aisberg customers – premium-format markets – have seen new types of facings and equipment decoration, which Aisberg is ready to produce according to the individual orders – ceramics, artifficial stone, which has a better reliability. For natural materials lovers – natural granite and bamboo.

Completely new Frigate cabinets were presented for the first time by Aisberg and were elaborated together with partners from Columbia SRL (a member of Schweitzer Group). Frigate refrigeration cabinet – it’s a complex solution for fresh-zones in the markets with the possibility of simultaneous sale of a various fresh products: fresh juices on ice, natural yogurts, microgreens, fruit and vegetable salads, olives. Frigate can be drained into longer lines in the remote refrigeration mode or installed with plug-in units. A range of constructive energy-saving solutions used in this cabinet, in particular, double air curtain.

Aisberg presented the equipment which operates on ecological refrigerants with allowed GWP-level according to F-gases EU Regulation. It’s a subcritical (Cascade) central cooling system on CO2 with Bitzer compressors (Germany) and Danfoss (Denmark) automatization.

Another premiere at the Aisberg stand is the low-temperature semi-vertical Butterfly BT cabinet in Diagonal design with the temperature range of -22/-18°C.

Multi-decks were also presented in the new modifications in accordance with the latest trends in store building. Ergonomics and energy saving have determined their design and details. Double air curtain in the multi-decks without doors, energy-saving doors, air flow stabilizers – determine low energy consumption. Shelf lighting system, tilt racks and shelf design provide multi-decks ergonomics. Aisberg for the customers of any format markets.

Thanks to all partners for 5 effective days at Euroshop-2020!