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Supermarket in Larnaca on CO2


Energy saving for Cyprus is one of the main issues in store opening, as electricity has a very high price. Considering the need to save energy and the hot climate of Cyprus, as well as in accordance with the European Union legislation on the use of refrigerants, the refrigeration system for the new supermarket in Larnaca was created and manufactured using CO2.

In this project Aisberg acted as a manufacturer of refrigeration furniture, antifreeze defrosting system and a supplier of the Adap-Kool (Danfoss) computer monitoring system.
The anti-freeze thawing system® developed and patented by Aisberg Ltd in this project is used for all low-temperature displays, medium-temperature displays for meat and preserves, refrigeration and freezing rooms. Glycol is heated by solar energy. The heat exchange equipment of Aisberg refrigerated displays is adapted for CO2.

The line of counters in the Cube design includes modules of various constractions and temperature conditions, assembled in a line of single design with wood finish.
Fresh baked products are sold in self-service mode in a neutral Cube Bakery display with wide natural wood shelves. For hot baking there is a thermal vertical display with heated shelves made of natural stone, located at an angle to the customer.

Another innovative patented development by Aisberg Ltd is applied in the Cube refrigerated display for fresh meat. The Cross Cooling System® maintains a stable temperature in the cabinet even during the thawing period, which ensures the freshness and quality of meat products. Displays are equipped with hydraulic lifting for front glasses, blowing of front glasses to prevent fogging and a shelf for shopping bags and baskets.

Considering the geometry of the store, for the convenience of customers’ passage, compact wall displays Medusa Horizont were used – a double-sided island version with a body width of 1330 mm. The cabinet is equipped with energy-efficient glass doors.