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Complex refrigeration equipment for different format markets


Aisberg supplies a full refrigeration equipment complex for different format markets:

  • self-made refrigeration cabinets
  • cold rooms, including for plants and cut flowers
  • air coolers of cold rooms and production workshops
  • self-produced central-cooling systems
  • air condensers.

Energy saving solutions:

  • liquid defrosting system©
  • heat recovery systems
  • economizers and variable frequency drives in central-cooling system installations
  • refrigeration cabinets LED lighting
  • double air curtain in the multi-decks
  • doors and covers for refrigeration cabinets
  • air flow stabilizers on the multi-deck shelves
  • automatic and mechanical energy-saving night curtains
  • ADAP-KOOL (Danfoss)computer monitoring systems
  • All Aisberg medium temperature cabinets work at boiling T in the evaporator -3/-2°C.

When choosing refrigeration equipment for retail trade, the operating conditions are necessarily taken into consideration. Energy-efficient solutions require an increased evaporators size, a number of features in the equipment design.

At the same time, the real cost of technical solutions can be estimated only with the cooling system proper selection – in combination, as energy-saving cabinets and air coolers require units with reduced power. The following principle always applies: the cost of the complex with more expensive energy-saving cabinets + cheaper cooling units of reduced power is always lower than the complex cost with cheap refrigeration cabinets + expensive high power cooling units.

In addition, you can save on cost of installation works and pipelines diameter, which are less for energy-saving equipment.
If you conduct separate tenders for cabinets, cold rooms, cooling systems from different suppliers, then you often lose the advantage in energy saving or knowingly acquire an inefficient equipment set.

We suggest to contact our specialists to calculate the full range of energy-efficient refrigeration equipment.