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Customized solutions: cabinet for French sweets


Aisberg developed a special refrigeration cabinet for a French confectionery. Design, dimensions, cooling system, materials – all designed individually for this order.

Cafe-patisserie Bise D’amour is located on the seacoast in the resort area of Odessa. Due to the nearness of the sea, in summer with open facades humidity of air rises in apartments. To prevent fogging, the refrigerated display cabinet is equipped with a glass blowing system. The design of the display cabinet provides a high level of exposure surface for the best overview of pastry delicacies. The interior of the display cabinet is made of marble, the color of which contrasts with the product.

The chocolate display cabinet is equipped with a humidity and temperature control system.

Refrigerated cabinets are installed in one line with neutral counters, which are designed for installation of coffee and cash equipment and display of products not requiring cooling.