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BILLA complex renovation


BILLA realized 2 redesigned projects and opened a new supermarket at the end of 2019 to increase the service level, taking care of buyers comfort and widen the fresh products assortment. The supermarkets were equipped with Aisberg cabinets.

Cube design refrigeration equipment was chosen for all supermarkets with the possibility of a further individual facings and side panels design. The preference was given to serial cabinets modifications which recommends theirselves from the ergonomic and functional point of view.

Medusa Cube multi-decks equipped with Remis (Germany) glass doors for energy-efficiency.

For cookery, gastronomy and fresh meat sale, Cube counters with stainless steel stepped layout are used. Cabinets are equipped with functional sliding shelves with led-lighting.

The center of cookery department is Cube Pizza refrigeration cabinet for pizza preparation and sale according to the customers’ orders right in the trade area.