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Diagonal Prisma Combi

Diagonal Prisma Combi is a combined medium temperature display with two refrigerated exposure surfaces for simultaneous sale of products with the help of the seller and in the self-service mode.
The display is built into Diagonal line of gastronomic and meat cabinets.
Temperature range: -1/+4 °С.
Separate cooling system for the bottom and top of the display.
Additional storage.
Illumination with swivel LED lights.
Stepped exposure surface.
Stainless bars for hanging meat products on hooks.
Swinging glass doors.



  • stainless steel interior finish
  • installation of shelves instead of slats with hooks
  • built-in cooling system
  • bumper lighting
  • protective bumper for carts

DIAGONAL Prisma Combi

DIAGONAL Prisma Combi

with ability of built-in unit

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