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Diagonal BT

Refrigerated low-temperature display counters Diagonal BT for frozen products.
Temperature: -20/-18 °С.
Intelligent defrost system as a standard.
An additional double-glass panel provides the required temperature regime in the exposition area. Diagonal BT cabinets are combined with Diagonal medium temperature cabinets to form a line in one design.

Standard modules: L=625, 1250, 1875, 2500, 3750 mm


  • stepped exposure surface
  • glass with shelf
  • decorative frontal trim
  • protective bumper for carts
  • bumper light
  • internal layout in stainless steel
  • build-in unite


  • cutting board
  • stand for scales
  • power socket
  • knife holder
  • paper holder

Diagonal BT

Diagonal BT

with self glass

Diagonal BT

option: frontal glass with shelf

Diagonal BT

option: additional shelf

Diagonal BT

option: pull-out shelf

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