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Pour l’augmentation de la qualité de la conservation des produits aux supermarchés on élabore les systèmes de réfrigération et de dégivrage novateurs des vitrines.
La compagnie «Aisberg» utilise seulement les matériaux et les composants de haute qualité des marques commerciales européennes dans la fabrication de l’installation frigorifique.
«Aisberg» emploie une série des technologies et des élaborations propres réduisant les dépenses en énergie dans la fabrication de l’installation et pendant à l’équipement en matériel des supermarchés.
Pour l’utilisation rationnelle de la surface de vente et pour l’organisation de la vente effective la série des solutions de projet relativement à l’équipement en matériel des directions commerciales est élaborée.
des vitrines frigorifiques selon les commandes individuelles au comptage des exigences du Client vers le design et le système de réfrigération
Nouvelles - While competitors copying our ideas we are developing new

From 25th to 27th of February Aisberg introduces new DIAGONAL design line of display counters at the leading Ukrainian exhibition of trade equipment MaRHo-2015.

Oleg Antonenko, 
Chairman «Aisberg»Ltd .:

Trend in any direction, - whether it is clothes, cars, architecture, - reflects the opinion of people, who evaluate owners of this property according to their of measurement of modernity, financial prosperity, style. Nothing lasts forever, and if we add the aspiration to differ from competitors, searching for a new design and a new geometrical forms has to be dynamic.

Modern trends in shopfitting are the basis in development of commercial refrigeration equipment design. There are winners in design solutions of equipment for each trading format. Therefore, for specialized deli shops and, for example, discounters and hypermarkets the same line of equipment cannot be applied for realization of completely different trade technologies, exhibition surfaces etc.

Today the main shapes in refrigeration equipment are curved and straight cubic shapes. In «Aisberg» equipment these are Ellipse and Cube counter lines. Cube line breaks all records from the point of variability and quantity of modifications. The design of Cube line cabinets allows in equal measure the successful application not only in hypermarkets, but also in small-format deli stores with application of special claddings and options. Excellent solution for hypermarkets is to use display counters both with curved and with straight glass. For example, for selling meat and prepared food - straight shapes, for sausages and cheese - curved shapes.

The time goes forward. Searching for new forms forces to find radically different solutions that correspond to requirements of final customers and also allow to differ from competitors by offering more stylish and modern design solutions, thus improving own business.

Diagonal line is designed personalized for largescale stores. The main ideas of its design are:

1. The radical distinction from habitual forms used in modern retail.

2. The maximized visibility of products exposition. Design details and accessories of showcase should not obstruct buyer to see products, distort its shape, color. Exposure of ones products must not be covered by others products.

3. Wide nomenclature of showcases modifications for «selling impressions», nonstandard forms of sale products allowing to attract buyers and increase sales. For few years we were going to new line of design trying to implement all these requirements.

We succeeded not only to get a new form, but also to keep all technical and technological advantages of cube line, related to power consumption, operation at evaporating temperature -2°C, cross-cooling system.

Diagonal line is a modern solution in design of refrigeration display counters and promising for the next 5-10 years.

 Presentation DIAGONAL