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Publications - Central Market is preparing to open a new store «Gifts of Nature»

Article in the newspaper «Tomsk News», http://tomsk-novosti.ru/

Central Market is preparing to open
a new store «Gifts of Nature»

store «Gifts of Nature»

What Siberian could resist pickled white fungus or salty milk mushroom? Or would he prefer pollock to smocked starlet? Could he take a kumquat on a dessert instead of cowberry with sugar?
It's hard to refuse from delicious, healthy and natural products, especially for those who understand their value. Those who haven't tried yet originary wild plants and berries, Siberian fish and wildfowl, now have a chance to do this in Tomsk instead of visiting some distant north regions. In the near future regional authorities will open in the city a specialized store «Gifts of Nature». It will be located in the Central Market. Right now workers are completing installation of equipment. «Tomsk News» reporter decided to watch the progress in works and found out the date of opening and future assortment that is going to appear on the shelves.

The «Gifts of Nature» store is situated in right wing of Central Market's building, nearby the trading rows with fish and meat. It's quite easy to find it as the store's rows are running along the wall of 26 meters long.

All equipment is new and different from the rest of equipment in the Market. We're meeting with Edward Gedguts who is the representative of KKM – Service Group Company. The company has fulfilled the installation of trading equipment.

During the excursion along the store with Edward the reporter asked him about the cute barrels they've met. Edward explained that those barrels are used for marinated and salted mushrooms, cabbage, etc. And they are not common barrels. These are the barrels with built-in refrigerators.

store «Gifts of Nature»

It’s hard to believe that inside the barrels of different sizes are installed refrigerators. Just plug them into electrical network to save the products fresh for a long time.

Edward mentioned that the barrels are real refrigeration display cabinets. The Tomsk affiliate of KKM – Service Group provided the store with refrigeration equipment manufactured by Aisberg Ltd. Company. The originality of display cabinets is caused by several features. First of all, the lay-out of cabinets is wide and deep so that the customer can easily see the goods. Secondly, the storage temperature is defined by experts for each product group. You can chose one temperature regime for cabinets with fish and another for cabinets with meat. So this way the wildfowl will be kept fresh for along. The computer is responsible for climate control, and detectors fulfill measurement of temperature and humidity. It will be pleasant for customers to buy a meat from such display.
These unique display cabinets have been already tested and showed good results.
And now the installation of light is finishing. During the excursions along the store the reporter met the representative of regional Department of Consumer Market - Nikolay Makarenko who supervise the store. He informed us that the store is divided on 6 sections. The main group of products is represented by wild plants, berries and wildfowl, marinated, salted and frozen mushrooms, frozen berries and berry juices, meat of wild moose and bear. In the future the assortment will be expanded with variety of fish, nuts and herbs.

The «Gifts of Nature» store is a project of regional authorities. It's a part of regional development program for market of wild plants, berries and wildfowl. The program was approved and signed by local governor and accepted on term of three years (since 2013 till 2015). The store was created as trade and logistic center for promotion of wild goods in Tomsk. The price of the program is 400 millions RUR, and concretely in this store were invested 5 millions RUR. The half of investments are the money from regional budget, the rest was taken from budget of City Consumer Society.

store «Gifts of Nature»

While walking along the cabinets Nikolay pointed at one of them. He noticed that this display cabinet was built for advertisement of wild goods of Tomsk. Soon the cabinet will be equipped with monitor that will demonstrate the videos about local manufacturers. On its shelves there will be advertising booklets and magazines. The City Consumer Society is responsible for decoration of cabinet. The head of City Consumer Society informed us that the Store is ready for opening on 80%. Three well-qualified seller have been already recruited and are waiting for the installation will be completed. Then, after general cleaning will be finished, the whole assortment of goods will be laid out on shelves, in display cabinets and refrigerators.
There are also many other private manufacturers trading wild plants, berries and wildfowl on the City Market.

The reporter asked them if they are not afraid of competition from the «Gifts of Nature».

store «Gifts of Nature»

They revert that they don't afraid of competition as each of them can suggest something unique. They also can lower the price or suggest a degustation of products.

The representatives of «Gifts of Nature» store mentioned that they will set market prices and not going to raise them.

The grand opening of the store is planned by regional authorities at the beginning of April.