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customized with maximum regard for the requirements of each client to design and quality of cooling.
Aisberg Ltd applies a number of energy saving technologies and innovations while manufacturing refrigeration cabinets and fitting up supermarkets. Among these innovations are special refrigeration and defrost systems, condensation heat recovery etc.
Aisberg company specialists have worked out a lot of solutions of efficient floor space use and efficient sales in deli and convenience foods departments.
Aisberg refrigeration equipment is manufactured exclusively from the high quality materials and components of the well-known European brands.
Innovative refrigeration and defrost systems have been developed, tested and successfully applied to improve preservation quality of meat and convenience foods in supermarkets.
News - Aisberg on the Exhibition MaRHo-2015

Aisberg introduced new display cabinet lines
on the exhibition MaRHo-2015

      Company «Aisberg» introduced three new display cabinet lines to Ukrainian retail on the 25-27 of February in Kiev: CUBE Slim and Medusa Cube Comfort for specialized, deli and small format stores; DIAGONAL – for super- and hypermarkets.

      Fundamentally new and progressive by its design DIAGONAL demonstrated not only new geometry of gastronomic display cabinet line but also the highest quality of components and facing. DIAGONAL represents all Aisberg's values like a refrigeration display cabinets producer – individuality, the variety of constructive solutions for different kind of products, cooling quality, energy-saving, the ability to satisfy to high customer demands.

      The second premiere on the Aisberg's booth was gastronomic and pastry CUBE SLIM line. The main priority is effective using of trade area in small and middle format stores with saving big exhibition surface and all CUBE line functional possibilities.

      Among the new solutions in the display counters class is ergonomic COMFORT line. Its geometry provides customer comfort even in the narrow passages in small shops. Special development is wall-cabinet with built-in unit for refrigeration counters line that fits into common design line. All Aisberg's vertical counters provide independently of modification the maximum energy-saving possibility in certain display counters class– double air curtain, boiling temperature in the evaporator -2°C that standard set includes.

      For organizing promotional product sales in supermarkets, «Aisberg» introduced new refrigeration display cabinets with an autonomous cooling: PROMO with refrigeration superstructure and LED-lighting; OMEGA with hermetic stainless steel container for pickles.